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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where do we draw the line?

This week has been sort of busy ( will go into that later). Look out for brimful of asha lol
Decided to go thru my usual hotspots online only to get hit by this article on
Growing up i was what you would call a stubborn goat and mennnnn did i get my share of 'chopping cane'. Looking back in retrospect, some of the 'deckings' weren't needed but the truth is it kept me in check. When i read stories like this article i keep wondering - when did this parent cross the line of sanity to insanity?
My folks might have done a few things that would definately be branded as child abuse out here e.g slapping the taste out of my mouth or my mum's favourite (giving me serious 'abara') but it NEVER got to this point. Was this man trying to cast out a spirit from his kid or what?????? Now that i am married ( and by His grace will become a parent) i know for a fact that spanking will be part of the routine for raising my kids. One thing i have learnt though is that it should be done with LOVE ( Bjouxoxo had an article where she mentioned her mum always explained why they were being disciplined - i will definately take that onboard). Alottttttttttttttt of folks hit their kids out of frustration which is where the sanity line is crossed.......Lawddddddd have mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy on us all, truth is raising a kid in this part of this world needs God without Him there is bound to be katakata
Do check out Bhookey's blog Eldee dedicated a beautiful song to the memory of Morakinyo Akinkoye.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where were u???
Exactly a year today i overheard my dad mention that a Bellview plane that left from Lagos to Abuja was missing. To be honest it didn't really register in my head (i just kept thinking how can a plane go missing). The next morning (Sunday 23rd October 2005) the reality of what happened the night before hit me hard.......the missing plane was found in Lisa, Ogun State (crashed) along with it mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, breadwinners. I was totally confused i kept calling all my 'ajala travel' friends to ensure they were safe. Luckily i got through to most of them.
The Bellview plane crash didn't hit home directly but during the course of that week i learnt an old classmate's mum was in the crash (Mrs Sokenu) along side a friend of one of my closest friends (Mrs Bimbo Babalola nee Ojora). To add to the already dark day was the death of our First Lady Stella Obasanjo. I kept wondering what really went wrong? Granted most of the planes that go the domestic route in naija are moving death traps this just doesn't normally happen in Nigeria. A few months back i travelled to Abuja using Chanchangi or whatever it calls itself and i was scareddddddddddddddd those 50 minutes onboard were the longest i have ever experienced in my life.
45 days later tragedy struck again when 107 people died in the Sosoliso air crash. This time around i cried like a baby : 70 future leaders of my dear country died a horrific death. Seeing their obituary in the dailies only made the pain worse. Also in that crash was Pastor Bimbo Odukoya (am even in tears typing this) mennnnn did i have questions for God or what? I was never fortunate enough to meet her in person but she impacted my life in so many ways (i will have a tribute up in 45 days).
117 souls perished exactly a year today in a crash that some felt could have been avoided but only the Almighty knows best. I take solace in the fact that my God is All-Knowing. My prayers go out especially to the widows, widowers, and children that were left behind by these departed compatriots. The Lord Almighty will continue to comfort them and provide for their needs. No amount of words can make things right but He who is the Comforter can do all things. May their gentle souls rest in peace.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Evasive Surgery

A few weeks ago my hubby and I got talking about polishing our pearly whites. I have a thing for teeth (they just have to be on point). Earlier on this week he mentioned having a surprise for me, i tried all my antics to get it out of him but he wouldn't burge. Nice and early this morning he woke me up and said we had to go for my surprise.
An hour thirty minutes after i find myself in a dentist's room! I must confess i have never been to the dentist in my entire life so i was a little bit scared. After probing (i honestly felt my yearly physical wasn't this probing!) the dentist says and i quote : "you have lovely dentition,but i noticed u have two holes that are about to form (emi ke!).I will fill them up straight away to prevent things from getting worse."
I have never been surprised in my entire life (i am too nosey for my own good) so this was a pleasant surprise and to make things even better my pearly whites were saved from eternal deterioration. It got me thinking about the importance of medical check ups, we have these lovely God-given temples for at least 70 years (God willing) it only makes sense to ensure all the parts are in good working order.From regular twinz examinations, to smear tests, to visits to the dentist they are so darn important.
God help us all

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Meme


  1. MacDonalds Crew Member ( yup, and it was my best job! age of innocence)
  2. Customer Service Officer (Lloyds TSB)
  3. Process Engineer
  4. Calculus Tutor


  1. Emergency Doctor (Blame it on watching too much ER)
  2. Forensics Expert ( I am a junkie for CSI and Law Order series esp SVU!)


  1. Sound of Music
  2. Set it off
  3. Moulin Rouge
  4. Armageddon


  1. Lagos, Nigeria
  2. London, U.K
  3. Albany, U.S.A
  4. Atlanta, U.S.A


  1. ER
  2. CSI
  3. Law and Order SVU
  4. Desperate Housewives


  1. New York, U.S.A
  2. Dubai, U.A.E
  3. Toronto, CANADA
  4. Dublin


  1. Blogspot


  1. Rice in any form
  2. Ikokore
  3. Weetabix lol
  4. Food from Tiger Lily


  1. Raw Fish
  2. Snakes
  3. Coconut
  4. Insects


  1. Bank Olemoh Designer Rice
  2. Strawberry Tall Cake (Ruby Tuesday)
  3. My mum's fried eggs
  4. Starbucks Hot Chocolate


  1. T.V
  2. CDS
  3. Books
  4. Shoes


  1. More space
  2. Walk-in closet
  3. More Pillows
  4. More Shoes


  1. Brown top
  2. Blue denim skirt
  3. Gold stud earrings
  4. Chocolate 'funky' jacket


  1. Dubai with my darling husband
  2. Atlanta with my entire family
  3. Iyana Ipaja NYSC Camp
  4. North Georgia Mall Shopping till i drop!


  1. Beverly Hills 90210 with Luke Perry
  2. Springfield with Bart
  3. Forensics Lab with Grisham from CSI
  4. In Segun Kadiri's (RMD's character in Checkmate) room lol


  1. Jesus Christ
  2. My darling husband's mum (never got to meet her, would give her a massive hug for having my baby and training him well)
  3. Oprah
  4. Denzel Washington


  1. Ouch my mouth feels funny
  2. I doubt i can fit into that wedding dress again
  3. My hubby is 'HOT'
  4. I am hungry jo, come on 12 noon show 'ya face'


  1. My new funky jacket
  2. My deep freezer
  3. My leather couch
  4. My bed


  1. Olawunmi
  2. Overwhelmed Naija Girl
  3. Bjouxoxo
  4. Life of a stranger called me

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Random thoughts
This weekend has been sort of busy(had guests trooping in and out of our house.......its the norm during football season). Visited a familiy friend on Friday and found this cute 'gadget' called a lateral thigh trainer. Apparently its a God-sent for those who have a phobia for jogging(LondonBuki might have to come and tap some annointing in that area from you :))
Digressing for a hot second the rate at which the cost of this 'gadget' increases on this rossfitness website puts the fuel increase in naija to shame. On friday night it cost 32 GBP, on saturday it cost 37.55GBP how about its now 44.96GBP. Luckily i placed my order yesterday let's just hope they don't pull a fast one when they finally take the money off my card or else i will be throwing some serious blows.Added a few pounds because of the baby (ladies please don't believe the myth about eating for two when u get pregnant o, i am paying the price now).Anywayz i have decided this xmas will be extra special, this chica has alot to praise God for. Intend to shed alot of pounds by all means necessary lol(suggestions are welcome).
BACK TO MY ORIGINAL THOT :) went for a vigil at my in-law's church(it was so refreshing). I can't remember the last time i didn't doze at a vigil(this was just different). The pastor dwelt on John 9:1-3, it made be realise that every situation i might pass through is really to have God be glorified. He mentioned the case of the faceless baby(u.k bloggers check out channel 5 on monday @ 9pm).
While surfing through some of my favorite blogs i discovered that we have lost a rare gem in blogville. Please remember Morakinyo Akinkoye's family as well as his friends (esp Bhookey84 and Rose )in your prayers
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace....Sun RE O

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You might win some............

Two days ago the England U-21 football team played against Germany and won 2-0(thanks to Walcott a true prodigy) GO GUNNERS!!!! Yesterday the senior team played against Croatia and lost 2-0(luckily i was busy entertaining and only had to deal with commentaries coming from our guests..... let me digress abit why do men who have no inclination towards sports seem to think they can do a better job than the coach??arggggggggghhh). I was saved the pain of having to watch them get their butts whooped! For those who hate watching football(soccer), the second goal was what is called 'lago' back in naija. The
goalkeeper for the english team basically just kicked the ball into the post!

It got me really thinking about how quickly the tides could change for a person. Granted fingers are being pointed now at a few people in the team(trust the english press......they can praise you like a god one minute and turn around the next second and cuss your butt out). So McClaren used a defensive formation from the get go (3-5-2) in my opinion he had no plans of winning the match.....but even the so called overpaid/ overpraised players acted like they had something in their diapers(please allow i am really upset with their performance)

Need to do a few 'moo sah mo' like Martin Lawrence to get over this :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Counting my blessings

First and foremost i would like to say a big thank u to: (London Buki, Olawunmi and the life of a stranger called me) for welcoming me into blogville.Its seems i must have been hiding far away in Neptune or sumthin cos my addiction for blogspot just started!

I woke up this morning really thankful for all God had done in my life......i know at just the right time i will have cause to truly testify to His goodness. This time last month(11th September) i was lying in a hospital bed with needles all over(i still think i ought to sue the hospital for turning me into a pin cushion!). For those who have read my profile you know i recently jumped the broom :) married life is sweet but mennnnn am i learning fast that i need to tame my tongue if this union is going to last! Sorry i digressed there :) anywayz i was flat on my back for two days and i couldn't do anything for myself not even using the loo. While in this position the last thing on my mind was to thank God(infact i was questioning Him).

I was twelve weeks pregnant when this incident happened and the last words i heard the midwife mention before i bursted into tears were 'inevitable miscarriage'. Yup i lost the baby........and as much as i hated the morning sickness and not fiting into all my 'sezzzyyy' outfits i was completely crushed. I still can't find words to describe the physical pain i went through(thank goodness for my darling husband).
The hardest part was after i was discharged from the hospital (going back to reality). Honestly i am not exaggerating every where i went i saw a pregnant woman or someone pushing a pushchair and i would just feel this surge of anger and bitterness. Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit who kept me in check i would have caused some havoc for real!An aunt told me while i was at the hospital that i needed to ask God what He wanted me to learn from this event(i thought she was off her trolley at first). A month after i can clearly see that she was right when she said those words......... So far i have learnt to appreciate the little things alot more.
I woke up this morning truly grateful to God for all He has done in my life and that of my darling husband. The most exciting part is that we are still a work in progress. I am a big fan of Oprah so i try to keep a gratitude journal 'of a sort'. Went through the journal today and i realised i have 'ha' reason to praise the Lord. For my marriage, my darling husband,for my unborn children, for my darling dad and mum(u would think my mum and i were married to the same man the way we act), and my siblings.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Coming out..........

I have always had a thing for scribbling my thoughts and stuff like that but the past year has seen a great plummeting in that department. Hopefully i will be more insprired to let it flow. I have never really thought of myself as an ingrate until i stumbled onto
LondonBuki's blog (check out mummy monday). My mum celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be a memorable occasion but as usual we got into one of our ugly fights. After reading Buki's blog i realized there was alot i had to work on as a person.

We are only blessed to have 'these' people around for a couple of years......why wait till they die before we celebrate them. Why not make each day count? Granted majority of us are continents away from our folks but that 3 minute phonecall twice a week will help mend whatever fences are jacked up.

I have always been of the opinion that my mum is just out to frustrate me but an incident last month changed my views(more on that later)

My first entry is therefore dedicated to LondonBuki's mum..............Jehovah Rapha our healer will perfect all that concerns you.(Amen)