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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Its all about the weather not!

My apologies for not posting in a hot second. I have being a bit under the weather. I hope y'all are doing great. To my fellow londoners i hope the weather today didn't mess up your travelling too much? I was so excited to see snow this morning :)

Once i get better i will have a proper post up.

Friday, January 12, 2007

When will this crap stop

Dear Friend,
I'm happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from paraguay.
Presently i'm in Paraguay for investment projects with my own share of the total sum. Meanwhile,I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how. Now contact my secretary,his name is Mr, Clem Uzu and his email address: is ( ask him to send you the total $1,850.000.00 which I kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. So feel free and get in touched with my secretary Mr, Clem Uzu and instruct him where to send the amount to you.
Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the sufferness at that time. In the moment,I am very busy here because of the investment projects which me and the new partner are having at hand.Finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to the secretary on your behalf to receive that money, so feel free to get in touch with Mr, Clem Uzu and he will send the amount to you without any delay.
With best regards,
Don't these prats ever get tired of this? Barrister Michael has sent me this mail like thrice! I wish i could just wring his ears!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Singapore Fried Rice and a kiss!

I need to start carrying a journal with me so i can jot down ideas when they spring to mind. Am i the only one who during the course of the day experiences something and makes a mental note to blog about it? Well i have had alotttttttt of those moments this week but for some reason it always skips my mind. This particular event didn't though....

Two days ago habibi and I decided to order chinese (i had been having some weird craving for singapore fried rice for ages!). Habibi dropped me off at the restaurant to place the order while he went to park the car. I had just placed our order when i felt someone kiss the back of my head.............habibi loves playing pranks big time but i knew it wasn't him that kissed my head.I was too freaked out to turn around to even confront the person (mind you there were 5 other people waiting to pick up their orders). Who could this freak possibly be?

Just before habibi walked in a young black man who i had hardly paid any attention too earlier moved to my right side (it dawned on me that he was the weirdo who kissed my head). On a good day i would have either slapped or cussed him out but i just felt like i ought to shut up i think it was more out of fear. As soon as habibi walked in (i gathered liver!) and told my husband what happened. He told me the guy was probably off his trolley and that i should just move away from Mr Weirdo. A few minutes later i had to pay for my order and Mr Weirdo decided to give me some of his money (u should have seen the look of horror on my face).

Fastforward five minutes he starts cussing at the t.v and two policemen walked in. Apparently he had gotten into an arguement with another customer prior to my arrival at the restaurant. He told the officers he suffered from autism and wasn't trying to get arrested again (guess this was a regular occurance with him). I sat there feeling so sorry for him eventhough he just invaded my space. I know of a professor from my old college who had two autistic children but i never really had any contact with them. This guy was probably in his late teens and already the path he has to take in life is jacked up. He kept marching around the restaurant, and even changed the 'open' sign at the door to 'closed'.

Its at moments liks this that i am truly grateful for who i am and what I am.All i kept saying after the officers left was 'oluwa mo dupe temi' (lord i am grateful for my portion in life).
Do check out Bisi and Ofon's page (got me feeling like having my wedding again!)
Congratulations to all the blog award winners

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Resolutions to be or not to be

Happy New Year everyone! 361 more days to go in this year and I am looking forward to every single day with all the surprises and blessings that are in store. I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday? Mine was special (since it was the first as a married person) and I didn’t have to do too much alase runs :). Xmas was spent at a family friend’s place and it was just relaxing (habibi and I also got xmas pressies from people we weren’t expecting anything from so that was a plus!)

Spent the 31st of December in the presence of God and it was definitely a fulfilling experience. Towards the end of 2006 habibi and I started working on a list of goals for 2007. We decided to get rid of the funk of having resolutions every year and not really accomplishing much. This year we have come up with goals and steps towards achieving them. Lord willing our long list of goals and wish list will be all struck out by the 31st of December 2007.

As an individual I have decided to also take stock of how I use my time this year which means I will be making more time to develop all aspects of my life. Funmi will be a well-balanced person by God’s grace this year. I have already started on that with spending alot more time listening to sermons from some of my favourite preachers. Do check out this site and if you are interested check out Chip Ingram’s sermons for the next few days on the Roman 12 christian.

I woke up on Sallah Day to the news of the death of Saddam Hussein. I honestly still find it hard to believe that the man who caused so much havoc in Iraq is gone. Personally I don’t think killing him was the best option (thank goodness I am not in the shoes of those who made that decision). Filming the process of ending a person’s life in my opinion is the most barbaric thing that can ever be done. I have heard that a clip of him being killed is now in circulation that is just sad. What do we intend to get from gratifying ourselves with watching him breathe his last breath? I even dare to say may his soul rest in peace.

The year ended with me reconciling with my spiritual dad (long story for another blog). It taught me of the need to stop procrastinating and ensuring I get myself right with whoever I am holding a grudge against. I feel a lot lighter now that we spoke and aired our issues.

I also took the time to check out Daddy Adeboye’s prophecies for the year as well as some other people’s. One thing that sticks to mind is that lukewarmness will be rewarded (negatively of course). I have decided to make this year be the year when my trailblazing will begin. I have also decided that I will ACT and not REACT to circumstances and situations I face this year. Please remember Nigeria in your prayers this year my dear motherland needs a divine touch this year with the upcoming elections and all. The demonstration of craze that is now going on can't continue.

Just found out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in cinema this year I am so excited about that (there is something about going back to being a carefree teenager again even if it’s just for 80 minutes!) Finally the Pursuit of Happyness with my baby lol will be at the cinema next week (already have a hot date with habibi set).

Here is praying that the best of 2006 will be the worst of 2007 for everyone of us.