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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sun re o Kola Olawuyi

My sincere apologies for going awol. Work has tied this sistah up big time.
I was just doing my rounds of daily naija news when i bumped into this
For the yoruba speakers among us who still remember the show called Nkan Mbe back in naija. The host of the show passed on last week. To say i am crushed is an understatement. There was something about Kola Olawuyi that i respected and that was his guts. While i was home last year for Nysc i always tried to catch his show on the radio(eventhough some of the gist were scary it was always an eye opener). One that sticks to mind from back in the day was 'talo yoju ayoka' (translation, who plucked out ayoka's eyes!!!). His show was mainly to showcase the scary things that happened around us, dwelling on the supernatural and all that stuff.He always tried to be as objective as he could possibly be and was always quick to make corrections when and if the need came up.
He left behind aged parents, a wife and children. May his soul rest in peace.

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