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Monday, December 11, 2006

Rest in peace Pastor Bims

Yesterday (10/12/2006) made it a year since the horrible Sosoliso air crash took place. I will live to remember that day because the lives of so many children who would have impacted the nation of Nigeria for good were wasted. Also the life of one of the greatest servants of God to grace the great continent of Africa was cut short.
I was never fortunate enough to meet Pastor Bimbo in person but i always watched her show on TV, read her articles in City People and This Day Sunday magazine. To top it all up a friend blessed me with her book a few months into my courtship with my habibi. This post is just to testify to the impact this wonderful woman had in my life even without having any personal contact with her.
Pastor Bimbo's book changed my views in so many ways concerning marriage. She reminded me of the need not to make my non-negiotiables negiotiables simply because of impatience or pressure from external factors. She always talked about the need to preserve one's self for that special person and above all she didn't make it seem impossible. What i loved the most about this woman was the fact that she loved God and never made apologies for that. She also had good taste in fashion. After her death i met a few people who either knew her or had some contact with her and they all said the same thing about her : she was a humble woman of God.
I would recommend her book to everyone: single, married, engaged, or undecided. Pastor Bimbo's only book will be a real blessing to you. After reading her back last year summer i bought 6 more and blessed a few of my friends with it. Last time i checked the book goes for somewhere between 550 to 800 naira back in naija. It is worth every single kobo of it :).
Wrote this in my journal on the 13th of December 2005:
Pastor Bimbo Odukoya was a passenger on the ill-fated Sosoliso flight three days ago. I keep waking up thinking of her - Daddy she was on your side and you called her up so early. What says am not next? She was truly sold out for you. A great soldier has been called up to meet the others - Derek Prince, Adrian Rigers. Daddy please help me refocus.She lived with a purpose and even in death her memories will be cherished.Adieu Pastor Bims. Rest in absolute peace in the bossom of our creator. We will miss you. I will miss your insightful entries in the dailies. Thank you for sowing a seed (it will not die). When the saints are marching on I know I will see you. Rest in peace.
In just 45 years you left marks (footprints) in so many lives. You have been called up to receive your reward.As much as it hurts I take solace in the fact that you are resting. I bless God for the day your mother had you. You were truly the epitome of womanhood. You made the proverbs 31 woman look ordinary! Thank you for making me realize it is possible to be a godly woman even as the days are drawing near. I pray for Pastor Taiwo and your three kids Lord embrace them tightly.Comfort them, strengthen them, shield them. These are truly trying time for them.Truly let your joy be their strength
Wow! typing this up just brought chills down my spine: i never knew her but she impacted my life for good. For that i celebrate her life.
Rosemary Bimbo Odukoya Sun Re o
Does anyone know how i can get copies of some of her previous sermons?


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