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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ticking away so quickly :(
Having an off day tonight..........i feel like such an ingrate worrying about all i haven't been able to accomplish this year (its the last day of november tomorrow lawd have mercy). Just finished having a lil pity party (guess who the guest of honor was!). There is so much i had hoped to accomplish this year ( i am too scared to get my journal and go through the list)
My habibi has being such a help.......consoling me with nice words and a lovely bear hug :) but i just feel so funny. He has recommended i read the book of Job(now that will put any whiner in check!). Had plans for every facet of my life and to be honest i haven't even scratched surface in any of these areas (looks like someone will have to be super busy in december). Thank goodness for people that keep me in check when i start to feel sorry for myself :my habibi and my immediate lil sis.
Arrggggggghhhh i wish i could just get to the top of some mountain and just scream my lungs out..........this is definately a sign that i need to spend more time on my knees (its been long since i really had a quality time in His presence). Any suggestions?
Food for the soul : Five minutes after death


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