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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sending my biography (not)

I have been receiving mails in my yahoo box from someone called T.O for the past year. At times she sends love poems, short mails and even her CV to my inbox. I am guessing her man based far away from her has an email address similiar to mine. I must confess i never bothered to reply to her mails bcos i figured she will get the drift that her mails are going to la la land after sometime.But i was wrong..... I received another mail from her today (and in honour of my new found self :) I decided to send her this mail

Hi T.O

You keep sending mails to my inbox for 'XXXXXX YZBXXXX' but i don't know who the person is. Please check the email addy properly.



This lady now replies with this:

Thanks for your reply. Pls could you tell me more about yourself? Is like i'm mistaking you for somebody i know. Or are you Funmi from Upper Room Baptist Church? Thank you.

Like ok i am about to start composing a brief bio of myself and sending it off. Couldn't she have just replied : o ma bad thought i had the right address sorry for feeling your inbox with all my lovey dovey stuff.

Some mothers do have them!


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