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Friday, November 17, 2006

The past few days have been sort of revealing for me. Two people i hold very dearly sent me really touching emails expressing their heartfelt appreciation for having their backs. To be honest i have never being a recipient of such before so i thought they were going off their trolley. Don't get me wrong i love my friends (if there is one thing i have down its loyalty i take it seriously) but besides the usual 123greetings ecard to say hi and long time miss u ishhhh i have never received anything so deeeppppppp.
It really got me thinking often do i tell people who matter the most in my life that they do matter? The first email i received was from my male friend who i will call R.K on the 15th. Met him last year while i was serving in lagos and he was there for me through my man drama to adjusting to d madness of moving to lagos He is like the big brother i was never blessed with. When i think of the popular saying 'friends are the siblings that destiny forgot to give me' he comes to mind. So getting a mail from him saying all the nice things about me was weird....this is someone i enjoy teasing alot (i better chill on that now).
I checked my mail today and saw another mail from a friend of mine who i will call D.F. Also met D.F during my service year in lagos. I honestly can't remember how we started talking but we just sort of clicked.She wasn't exactly the model corper but i tried to encourage her along way.....getting a mail from her today with a poem attached to it honestly made my day. If there is one thing i am most grateful to God for its that i took a well deserved break from the daily grind of living in London and went home to serve. Nysc isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I had mad fun in Iyana Ipaja camp (will have to blog about that soon) and i got to meet really cool people i might never have met were it not for NYSC. I learnt one thing this week thru the mails from .DF and R.K - those lil things you do to put a smile in someone's life really does make a difference. Even if the person doesn't express it right now sometime down the line they will. Trust me if u knew these 2 people u will understand why this is such a big deal......
This is therefore my first 'gratitude entry' to get into the thanksgiving mode :)
I am grateful to God for the NYSC scheme. It brought out the best and worst in me(had to hustle to get everything done!). Thank you lord for all the wonderful people who crossed my path especially the 'noise makers' of the 2005 batch b platoon ten set. miss you guys


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