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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Owambe and so on and so forth
Yesterday was extremely tiring a family friend of habibi's is having a party for his kids today. When we rec'd the invite last month i just thought it would be a lil bash u know rice, chicken, cake and drinks but i was so wrong. Went to help the mum of the celebrants yesterday and i was greeted with massive bowls of meat, chicken and orisirisi like that. Since i volunteered to help with cooking the meat i had to get into 'alase' (u know dem hired cooks back in lagos ) be honest i had mad fun (i am weird like that).
Alot of nigerians in london love parties toooo much hanhan i was amazed at how much stuff this aunty had stored up in her garage. She is who i would call a party pro.....large pots, chaffing dishes and ish like that. She also delegated various dishes to her friends to cook.........and i was told to fry the plantains lol. If only she knows that i and plantains don't see eye 2 eye (when i was alot younger i would eat the plantains while they were still being fried i am that bad!)
Woke up this morning and my lower back is killing me from bending down to clean the meat....
Will keep u posted on how the party goes :)
Happy Birthday is hoping all your wishes come true. Will be waiting for you at Gatwick so we can head off to spain :). Enjoy your day and make sure u keep my cake.


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