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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Remedies, jollof rice and the loo
The owambe i went for at the weekend was just as i thought it would be......a huge success. The party was slated to start at 4pm but trust people and their CPT people didn't show up till almost 8pm. Why do people do that? I am very time conscious so it always gets on my nerves when people don't keep to time. The hall was rented for 7 hours so u can imagine how ticked off the parents of the celebratants were.
By 8.30pm the hall was filled up and adults had to stand outside, food was overflowing and so were the drinks. I hadn't seen a bottle of 'star' or 'gulder' in ages (there was an infinite supply of that). I and a couple of other young ladies were the designated 'servers' after all my story about it was a buffet type gig ended up soiling my CT shirt :). I served food so much my poor back that was already killing me almost gave in! I had to sit down for almost an hour to get my poor back in order.
A party can only be a success in my opinion when there is good music. The DJ at this owambe did not disappoint me at all. When my back was acting up he played some fuji music (which i can't stand i must say) and it got a few people dancing,he flipped and started playing remedies old tunes and ayuba's newer version of 'its bubbling' 'ijo ti mo jo yen o to rara'........suddenly my back that had completely given up on me got back in line! I tell u it was a miracle!
He played alot of oldies and to cap it all off he moved on to tunes from the early nineties all the grown ups went crazy! I am a firm believer in less is more.......last time i went partying was in september (so u know i had some reserved dancing energy!).At about 10.55pm Mr DJ plays Shina Peter's song not ace but the one after that and we all went buck wild (u would have thought the people dancing were on some drugs!). At 11pm sharply the caretaker showed her face and like reflex we all screamed 'ONE FOR THE ROAD' lol it reminded me of all them house parties in lagos. Sweet memories :)
After the music stopped we had to deal with moving coolers and ish like that to the car......can someone please explain why people must always take 'CARRY GO' with them. See ladies hustling for jollof rice, efo, salad and chicken (i was abit irritated). There was this grown ass man who had too much to drink and started calling every lady he saw sweetheart....dude almost got fresh with me but habibi was right there to put him in check. If u can't handle your drink don't drink.
The only bad side to the owambe was that habibi and I woke up with really upset lasted for 2 days. I was out yesterday when i had the urge to go to the loo (i mean it was badddd i was sweating and all......i am sure the people on the bus thought i was loco).Thank goodness its all over now.
Finally decided to take a few steps in the right direction instead of whining about all the things i haven't accomplished this year. I headed down to our local library and signed up :) got a few books (i didn't know sidney sheldon's daughter wrote as well got a few of her books will let u know how that goes) and reserved 'purple hibiscus' (london buki it better be as good as u say it is ). That's one thing off my list of things i need to do......
Hope y'all had a great weekend?
Name that tune:
We are lovers true and through
And though we made it through the storm
I really want you to realize
I really want to put you on


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