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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Today started off as a normal day (hubby and I were indoors today). That hasn't happened in awhile so we took the time to really rest. After a quick lunch we decided to play a game of scrabble (he always whoops my butt big time) a good friend of mine from my old church called to say hello. I went on to tease him since his team lost yesterday, the next few words he said hit me harder than a tonne of bricks. " Funmi, i lost my dad in the crash", next thing i said was no bcos i ensured i checked the manifest and i did not see any familiar name. Then again naija manifest ain't always on point........
He was a good man (and i don't use that word lightly). To really know how good a father is, you need to check out his sons. My friend is a few years younger than me but he is a good person. I always said if not for the age difference i would marry him (alot of the other ladies in my old church share that opinion too). His future wife is totally blessed. He is God fearing, hardworking and totally respectful. I was priviledged to meet his dad a few years ago and i saw firsthand where my friend got all those good traits from. My friend's dad loved the Lord and he ensured all his kids were trained in the way of the Lord.
I have been crying ever since i heard this horrible news bcos my friend is soooooooooo young now he has to make really grown up decisions as the first child. I only take solace in the fact that his dad instilled the word of God in ALL his kids. He was a good dad in every sense of the word. Its a pity he won't be around to see his kids graduate or wed but i take comfort in the fact that he left a GOOD LEGACY and in Jesus name it will live on.
This is in the memory of my darling friend's daddy,Lord please comfort his wife and kids that he has left behind. May his gentle soul rest in the bossom of our Lord.


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