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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Sis!

I am blessed with three wonderful younger sisters and the cutest baby brother ever (dude looks like me i am told:) ). My second sister celebrated another year on this planet today wish i could see her and give her a big fat hug or better still pinch her. She is such a joy to be around, she is totally easy-going and things rarely get to her. She is so caring and generous (that child can give you her eyes and i am not exaggerating).She hasn't had things easy in life but she pulled through all the challenges with her shoulders high. Honestly nothing you say gets to her she just looks at you like you are off your trolley!

This is dedicated to one of my bundles of joy. OKOO (its an inside joke) wishing you the very best in all you lay your hands on. May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Here is to happiness, joy, peace of mind and all the other good stuff....Love you loads sis


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