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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

To the bride and groom......................
I have had so much to blog about for the past few days but my access to the net was disrupted I will start with the most recent. A friend of mine had her wedding yesterday in Leyton and it was a beautiful and eventful day. The church service was short and precise (i can still remember what the vicar preached about!) and of course the bride was stunning. Its amazing how much transformation takes place on a girl's big day ( i still look at some of my wedding pictures and honestly doubt it was me in the pictures!). The only hitch was that the best man forgot the ring luckily he realised his mistake before the bride arrived. I am abit of a cry baby i must confess so i don't really do church wedding because i always cry when the bride is coming in, this wasn't an exception (the tears rolled in immediately i set eyes on my friend).
The reception was also a classy affair (this was the first time that i saw naija peeps actually wait to be called to the buffet table and not try the whole can i please get some more 'bokoto' ' u know i have been waiting since now' stunts). I had to help with the coordinating of the food and all the other good stuff. Bless the groom's mum apart from helping me light up the burners for the chaffing dishes she stayed clear (more aunties need to learn that).
My friend and her husband were housemates a few years back and i used to tease her alot about how good they looked together. Fastforward one year, she calls me to say they were now dating (i was completely in stitches), a few months later they were engaged. Stories like their's really gives me hope that love still exists if we only just take the time to look around us.This hottie and his friend came to my church last year to check out a lady that was recommended as a good catch (naughty boys checking girls out in church!) (i can still remember thinking his friend was so cute!). He and the good catch finally met after service but there was no connection. Guess what usher made an impression on him that fateful sunday!!! Eleven months later we tied the knots and i can't help but wonder how amazing God truly is, He is in the business of hooking His children up big time. He hooked me up with a good man and did the same for my friend yesterday (there are very few good naija men out there so when u have one ladies celebrate him) I will blog on that later....
Like with most weddings there were a few hitches prior to the big day but it all fell through at the end and for that i am totally grateful to God. The best part of the evening for me was seeing the look of joy and total satisfaction in the eyes of the bride and groom as they walked into the hall.Here is to joy, peace, happiness, frutfulness and loads and loads of fun for many many years to my darling friend L and her wonderful husband.
Another air tragedy hits my beloved country Nigeria and as usual fingers are being pointed again. Tape Transcript of ill fated flight what do you think? May the souls of the victims rest in peace.


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